London Science Museum – 5 Sharman

London Science Museum – 5 Sharman
November 30, 2022 Miss Hunt
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Year 5 visited the Science Museum, which was an opportunity for the children to continue to develop their understanding of the year groups current topic ‘Earth and Space’. 

Over the last half term we have been learning about the International Space Station and different missions into space. The children were lucky enough to see the Soyuz spacecraft, which Tim Peake returned to Earth in after six months orbiting the Earth on the International Space Station conducting experiments, walking in space and even running a marathon. 

On display was British astronaut Helen Sharman’s Sokol space suit made by Zvezda. Sharman wore this rescue suit during the space flight on board the SOYUZ-TM-12 and MIR spacecraft in May 1991. It was helpful for the children to make a link with our class name.

Year 5 also thoroughly enjoyed driving through London and observing some of the most famous landmarks.