Our Wild Science Visitor

Our Wild Science Visitor
February 6, 2023 Miss Goff
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We were very lucky to have a visit from Wild Science last Friday. Our topic is Amazing Animals, and we have been learning about animals from all over the world.

We started our learning by looking at animals in the Arctic and Antarctic, then comparing them to animals who live in the hot African Savanna. After this we are going to be looking at animals that can live here in England as our pets. As our hook for this portion of our learning Wild Science came to show the children some of the amazing and quirky animals people can keep as pets.

The children had the opportunity to hold and stroke the animals as we heard all about them – from hair tarantulas to cuddly chinchillas. The children were able to discuss what the animals felt like, and have a go at asking the handler questions such as “What do they drink?” and “When do they sleep?”

Following on from this wonderful visit we are going to be writing about which animal we would like as a pet.


What the children said: 

“The frog felt slimy.” -Toby
“The tarantula is beautiful.”-Winter
“The cockroach had tiny legs.”-Teddy
“The snake was my favourite because it sticks it’s tongue out fast.”- Joey
“The tarantula ticked my hand.” – Theo
“The snake was my favourite. The patterns looked really beautiful.”-Maci
“The chinchilla was soft.”-Tommy
“The chinchilla had a super long tail.”-Ronald
“I would like a pet cockroach and a pet snake.”-Chester