World Book Day: Cosy Club

World Book Day: Cosy Club
March 3, 2023 Miss Goff
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We finished off our World Book Day celebrations this year with another annual Cosy Club. As part of Cosy Club EYFS and Year 6 paired up for lots of exciting cosy rooms across the school.

One of the rooms we visited was a den building room. We loved getting under the tables and sharing stories.

Also over in Year 6 we were lucky enough to have a delicious hot chocolate as we watched authors read their stories on the screen. It was lots of the EYFS children’s favourite part!

One of the EYFS rooms was transformed into a cosy restaurant, where books were on the menu! The children chose what story they wanted from the menu and the Year 6 children read to the EYFS children.

And finally, no Cosy Club would be complete without a room full of nothing but blankets, pillows and teddys to cuddle. The children loved getting cosy in this room and reading with their buddy. It was so soft and of course COSY!