You’ve Got Mail!

You’ve Got Mail!
April 28, 2023 Miss Hennessey
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This week Hamilton and Thunberg have been working really hard! We have been learning about the features of a letter, including how to read and write the word ‘to’, and we have been writing our very own letters!

We spent lots of time thinking about who we wanted to write our letter to as well as what we wanted to tell them in our letter.

We worked so hard to write some lovely letters and draw some wonderful pictures!

Once we had finished our letters, we put them in an envelope and added a stamp to make sure they got to their location safely!




On Friday, we were ready to post! We put on our coats and hi-vis jackets and took a walk to a local post box where we posted our very own letters!



We are so excited for our loved ones to receive and read our letters!