… and we’re having a ball!

… and we’re having a ball!
March 25, 2024 Miss Hennessey
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Over the last two weeks we have been lucky enough to be looking after 8 super fluffy chicks! On Monday 11th March, 10 eggs arrived in an incubator and by Wednesday 13th March we had 8 happy, healthy chicks!

We were lucky enough to witness some chicks cracking their way out of their eggs whilst others hatched overnight and surprised us in the morning. Once they had dried up and fluffed out, they were moved to a warm brooder. This meant we were able to watch them throughout the day and we even had lots of opportunities for cuddles.

Whilst we had the chicks, we decided it was a good opportunity to learn all about the life cycle of a chicken. We created actions for each stage and completed our very own life cycles. We even used our sounds to label each stage!

After learning all about the life cycle in class, we were given lots of opportunities to retrieve our knowledge and complete the life cycle in our learning through play time over the next few days. We had indoor and outdoor opportunities.

We also thought it was a fantastic opportunity to work on the Early Learning Goal ‘to draw with accuracy’ whilst we had our fluffy visitors. We spent the afternoon observing them, drawing them and then adding colour based on the chick we had chosen to focus on. What do you think of our illustrations?


We also learnt lots about what eggs and chicks need at the different stages of their life. We recognised that chicks need food, water, warmth, shelter and company!

As the chicks grew bigger, we also started to see the feathers develop on their wings and were able to watch their first attempts to fly. We couldn’t believe how much they grew in just a few days… or just how much they poop!

Our 8 chicks are now going home with Mr and Mrs Blyth to live with them so we know they will continue to be well looked after. Mrs Blyth has promised to send us regular updates!

Take a look at the newest Holland Park tribe members… aren’t they cute?