Autumn 2

Autumn 2
April 15, 2024 Michelle Gook
In 1 Bruff, 1 Steiff

Our topic this half term was ‘build it’ and in English our focus text was The 3 Little Pigs. To introduce the topic the children were given the challenge of building a house with straw, bricks and sticks as a team. They unanimously voted that the bricks were the easiest to build with.

We wrote sentences using adjectives to describe the characters in the story as well as the houses they built and re-wrote the story of The 3 Little Pigs.

In our geography lessons we looked at the different types of homes people can live in and went on a walk to see what was popular in the local area.

As always the children were very excited for Christmas and performed brilliantly in our Key Stage 1 carol service at the church. We were super proud of them all.