Time for School

“Time for school so here I come.

Hello Teacher! Bye-Bye Mum!

Hello friends, another day.

Hours and hours to work and play.

Books to read and sums to do.

Stories, painting pictures too.

When the bell rings we go out.

Run around, laugh and shout!

Then back in through the classroom door.

We’re quiet again…we work some more.

We sing, we clap, we stamp our feet,

And then at last it’s time to eat!

More play, more work, all afternoon.

I’m tired…is it home time soon?

Half past three – home time has come

Bye-Bye Teacher! Hello Mum!”


  •  By Stanley J

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Our School

Holland Park School was opened in April 1904. In April 1993 a major building programme started to provide the school with additional classrooms, a new hall, cloakrooms and kitchen. The project was completed in 1996.

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