The Hundred Decker Bus!

The Hundred Decker Bus!
March 8, 2024 Miss Hennessey
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Since February half term we have been working hard on our topic ‘Here, There and Everywhere’.

Our key text has been ‘The Hundred Decker Bus’ and we have really enjoyed reading it.

During week one we listened to the blurb and drew the image we were imagining in our head. Next, we looked at some key vocabulary from the book including words such as clambered, invented and route. We learnt the words, explored the meaning, listened to them in sentences, created actions and matched them with a picture. Finally, we sequenced the story and added simple captions.


In week 2 we wanted to begin focusing on constructing descriptive sentences. To do this we needed a bus!

On Monday, we spent the day planning, designing and creating our very own buses. We had so much fun! We were able to safely use and explore a variety of materials, tools and techniques to create our buses.

Take a look and see what you think!

Once we had finished making our buses, we were able to share our creations with our friends and evaluate.

“I like that one, it has big wheels” – Stanley

“I like the colour (red)” – Ellis Lee

“That one has black doors. I like black doors” – Chester


Over the next few days, we then started describing our buses and working towards constructing our sentences. We played lots of games like ‘stand up, hand up, pair up’ in order to share our ideas with our friends and orally rehearse our sentences.

As a class, we helped our teachers write their own super sentences. To write a super sentence we have to use our sounds whilst trying to include a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop at the end.

We were given our own chopped up sentences that we had to construct in the correct order using our sound and sentence knowledge.

“I’ve used my sounds, b-i-g is big” – Mason

“The first word is ‘The’ because it has a capital letter” – Albie

“Full stop at the end” – Brody

“b-u-s, bus. It says bus” – Aubrie

Our final job of the week was to construct our very own super sentences in our Literacy books. We worked in small groups. We orally rehearsed our sentences before constructing them in our books.

Take a look at some of our fantastic learning.


We hope you love our buses when they make their journey home to you.

We can’t wait for you to see all of our hard work during our Spring Term Learning Reviews!