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We are excited to let you know about our Transition Group. This group is to help you prepare for moving onto secondary school. We know that everything has been really different lately and that having to go through another big change might feel a little bit scary so we want to help you feel more confident in the next step of your journey.

The Transition Group will run over three different dates:

  1. Tuesday 28th July
  2. End of summer holidays. Date TBC
  3. Beginning of 1st Date TBC

We will run the sessions virtually but are hoping to be able to do the last session in your new secondary school (as long as this is safe to do so) so we can all meet each other face to face. For anyone that can’t attend the face to face session we will run it virtually at the same time to make sure we include everyone.

You would be with others who are attending the same secondary school as you, who you might know already but if not, we hope it might be helpful seeing some of the people you will meet in September.

We are going to do lots of activities and make it fun whilst helping you learn new ways of managing any worries you might have and improving your problem solving skills, so even if you don’t know something you will know how to work on finding a solution. It is also a good way to see that lots of people your age, are a bit worried about going to secondary school and you are not on your own.

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