You’ve Got Mail!

You’ve Got Mail!
March 22, 2024 Miss Hennessey
In Bumblebees, Dragonflies


This week Bumblebees and Dragonflies have been writing some very special letters. We read the story of ‘The Jolly Postman’ and looked carefully at all of the letters. We identified that a letter needed to tell us who the letter was to and who the letter was from as well as our special news.

We used our sounds to write a special message to a loved one and learnt all about what happens when a letter is posted! We know that letters need an envelope and a stamp as well as an address on the front to help the postperson deliver it to the correct location.



On Friday we were ready to post! We put on our yellow jackets and took a steady walk to our local post box. We crossed the road super safely, making sure to thank the kind locals who stopped their cars to let us cross.




We took it in turns to post our letters one by one and were so excited to finally push them in after our photograph had been taken!

Can you see the excitement on our faces?



We can’t wait for our loved ones to receive our letters. We hope you are as excited to receive them as we were to post them! We have worked so hard to write them for you so we hope you love reading them!