Following Instructions!

Following Instructions!
June 17, 2024 Miss Hennessey
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Last week a mysterious egg arrived in our classroom. We made predictions on what we thought might hatch out of the egg…

“A chick” – Jimmy

“The Easter Bunny” – Zachary

“A baby chick” – Rosie

Next we found a book! We read the blurb and changed our predictions…

“A baby dinosaur” – Isla

“A big dinosaur” – Millie J

The book was called ‘How To Look After Your Dinosaur’


The book tells the reader all about the things you need to do to when a pet dinosaur arrives at your door! It suggests things such as taking it for a walk, teaching it to share and reading it a bedtime story!

This week, we need to write our own set of instructions ready for when our dinosaur egg hatches. We need to write instructions to pass on to the Teach Rex team when they come to visit!

Before writing our own, we have been exploring and learning all about instructions including the use of time connectives. We have been practising our listening skills in order to ensure we can listen to and follow instructions successfully.

We created the instructions as a class and then followed them to make our very own jam sandwich.

Here are the instructions we created and followed:


1. First get one slice of bread.

2.  Next spread some jam on the bread.

3. Then cut the bread in half.

4. After that put the two slices of bread together.

5. Finally enjoy your sandwich!