Teach Rex Were Roar-some!

Teach Rex Were Roar-some!
July 13, 2023 Miss Goff
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Wow! We have had a ROAR-SOME day here at Holland Park Primary School. EYFS had some Jurassic visitors come and play. As part of our Jurassic Giants topic we have been learning all about dinosaurs, and today we got to meet some in real life! The children were all so excited to meet the first dino of the day, they had to be really quiet and ask him to come out!

We were so lucky because Jam the Tyrannosaurus Rex did want to come out and say hello! He was so much fun and let us play lots of games with him whilst Sam taught us lots of facts about him. First we made sure he knew we were kind children by tickling his chin. The children were very brave getting so close to him!

By then Jam knew we were friendly, so we played some games with his food. We knew T-Rexes like Jam were carnivores so they ate meat. We hid some meat and tried to see if Jam could smell it. Then we tried to see if Jam could hear us when we tried to steal his meat when he was blindfolded. The children were very stealthy but when Miss Goff tried she was too scared!

Jam was happy with his food, but he was still hungry! He wondered if any of the children at Holland Park school were tasty. Jam had a munch on some of the children but decided the tastiest snack was a teacher! Poor Miss Hennessey…

After all that eating it was time for Jam to go to sleep. Sam and Ollie still had loads for us to explore though! We became our own film stars and made videos using a green screen. In the films we were walking around the jungle until a dinosaur came and chased us! Luckily we got away and had a little dance to celebrate. Thank goodness no-one else got eaten! We saw how the editing software worked and helped the adults to crop the images and add the dinosaur we chose. It was fantastic!

We were so lucky because the next part of the day was very special indeed. Sam and Ollie, who look after the dinosaurs, said they had some babies in their van who wanted to come and meet us. We all wanted to meet them too so we invited them into our classroom. We got to meet Skye, Dinky Binky and Roger! They were all such lovely baby dinosaurs and we enjoyed giving them compliments and getting to know them. The babies loved it when the children put their hands in their mouths and wiped their dinosaur slobber all over the teachers!