Using Google Classroom

Remote Learning

Students absent due to Covid are currently accessing their learning remotely.
Each day, via their school accounts on Google Classroom, students can access a timetable of set work, live & pre-recorded lessons.

NB: Students should always ensure that they are logged into their school Google Account, rather than a personal one, when working outside school to enable them to access school platforms.

**Log out of your Personal Google Account BEFORE logging into your School Account**
All login information has previously been supplied by your child’s class teacher. Please contact them if you need to.

How to access Google Classrooms

  1. Your initial password is Holland20 note: capital H
  2. Once you have logged in for the first time you will be advised to change your password
  3. When you have logged into Google Classroom you will see a screen that has the message ‘No classes here!’ (there should be a + in the top right hand corner of the screen)
  4. Click on the + and choose ‘Join class’
  5. You will then be asked for a class code – (these are listed below). Enter the correct class code for your child’s class click here for class codes
  6. This will take you to your child’s class homework page and you will be able to access the learning activities set by your
    child’s class teacher.

Any queries, don’t hesitate to drop your child’s class teacher an email.

For more information on how to access Google Classrooms, please click here.

Alternatively, for a guide on how to log in to Google Classroom, you can follow this short tutorial on YouTube.

Google Classroom

Using a tablet or mobile

  • You will need to install the Google Classroom App.
  • Once installed you will be asked to log in to Google (as above).
  • This will take you to a screen that has a white cross in a blue circle at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on the cross and select ‘Join class’.
  • Enter your child’s class code from the table above.

See the video below on using the Google Classroom app.

Google Classroom App

How To Access Google Classroom On X-box

• The Xbox’s web browser can be found by navigating to the Microsoft Edge app.
• Open up the app and type Google Classroom into the browser to be directed to the log in page.
• Sign in as you would on a PC to access Google Classroom.

How To Access Google Classroom On Playstation

• Press the PS button on the DualShock 4 controller and head to the Library for your system.
• Access Games and Applications and head to the Applications section, where will find the web browser.
• Once here, type in the web address of your school/learning resource.
• You will now gain access to your work via Google Classroom or OneDrive, including key packages such as Word,
Teams, Excel, PowerPoint, and emails.

Please click here for more information

For information on how to submit an assignment on Google Classroom – Please click here for written step by step guide.

Useful links

All of your child’s logins to the following links can be found on their school bookmark. Please contact the class teacher if you are unable to access these.

We know that some families may be sharing devices to access their online learning, so children can complete their work at any time during the day after it has been set.

If you have no access to internet at home, please email the school office on [email protected] and we will discuss an alternative plan with you.