2Pepys Space Day!

2Pepys Space Day!
October 19, 2023 Miss Austin
In 2 Pepys

On Wednesday 18th October, 2Pepys had a super day celebrating the end of their  topic ‘To Infinity and Beyond’.

To complete our Science unit, we spent the morning exploring how astronauts are able to survive in Space. We learnt all about how they are able to breathe, eat, sleep and even go to the toilet!  We really enjoyed watching real footage of the British astronaut Tim Peake in Space and used his book ‘Ask an Astronaut’ to help us answer the many questions we had.

Having discovered how Neil Armtrong and Buzz Aldrin collected moon rock during the Apollo 11 mission, we also decided to make our very own! It was great fun and it looked so realistic!

During the afternoon, we then took part in balloon rocket experiments using just balloons, straws, string and tape. They were very successful!