The King’s Hat!

The King’s Hat!
May 4, 2023 Miss Hennessey
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On Wednesday morning we were very excited to receive a special royal package. When we opened it up we found a book and a letter.

It was a story called ‘The King’s Hat’ and a letter asking for our help!

We read the book and found out all about the King’s many hats.

We found out that although the Queen left her crown for the King, it was far too heavy for his head! He liked to wear hats and tried on lots of different hats throughout the story including a shower cap, a helmet and a hair net.

Then we read the letter! The letter was from the King and he needed our help! The King said that he couldn’t find the right hat for his coronation this weekend. He wanted us to make a hat for him to wear for his big day!

We accepted the challenge and got straight to work!

First, we had to design our hat for the King.



Once we had designed our hats, we had a galloping gallery across Hamilton and Thunberg. We looked at each other’s designs and discussed them with our friends, thinking about what we liked and how we could make our own even better!

In the afternoon, it was time to get making!

We got to choose all of our own resources and materials and had so much fun making them. We used lots of our expressive arts and design skills to help us.





Once we had made our hats, we just had to show them off! We modelled them on the catwalk…