5 Fawcett Science Museum Trip

5 Fawcett Science Museum Trip
November 27, 2022 Owen Whitbread
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Year 5 visited the Science Museum, which was an opportunity for the children to continue to develop their understanding of the year groups current topic ‘Earth and Space’. Over the last few weeks we have considered the link between the Second World War and the Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969.

The class discovered that the V2 rockets were created by Wernher Von Braun. Sadly, these rockets were produced to rain down on London during the latter stages of the war, but this technology eventually had a positive outcome. Von Braun was captured by the Americans and shared his knowledge of rocket science. Ultimately, this led to NASA creating the Saturn 5 rocket, which enabled NASA to land the first humans on the moon.

It was fantastic that the children were able to see a V2 rocket at the museum, which helped reinforce their understanding of the moon landing.

Year 5, had a great experience not only at the museum, but also seeing the famous landmarks of our capital city.