Year 5 – Visit to West Stow

Year 5 – Visit to West Stow
March 20, 2023 Miss Hunt
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As part of our Invaders topic this term Year 5 visited West Stow. It is the site of an early Anglo-Saxon village, that was occupied from AD 420-650, over 400 years before the Norman Conquest. We explored the reconstructed village that consisted of eight buildings including a craft building, weaving house and even a sunken house. Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed exploring what each building had to offer and how the Anglo-Saxons lived many years ago.

Later on in the day, we visited the Anglo-Saxon museum. We saw a variety of displays and artefacts, which told the story of how they lived and worked using the jewellery they wore, the tools and weapons they used and the items they were buried with. We were lucky enough to have the chance to dress like an Anglo-Saxon and wear the helmet of a warrior.

Despite the rainy weather a fantastic day was had by all!

Miss Hunt and Mr Whitbread.


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