3 Cleopatra’s morning in the forest!

3 Cleopatra’s morning in the forest!
June 28, 2023 Miss Clark
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Due to missing a couple of sesisons at the start of the year, we were able to get outside in the lovely weather to enjoy a session of Forest School!

We loved to be back outside in the forest as Mrs Hall has made lots of changes since we were last here! As you can see from the smiles on our faces in the pictures we had a great time and we will hope to squeeze in another session before the end of Year 3!

We enjoyed lots of activities which included: the rope swing, playing tic tac toe and making our own versions, making the ultimate gaming console with the loose parts, trying to beat Mrs Bartram at quoits, cooking in the mud kitchen, searching for creepy crawlies and having a grand prix with the worms we found!!