Mersea Camp – Day 3

Mersea Camp – Day 3
May 24, 2023 Mrs Rushford
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Well – what a trip!

The children are now safely home again and, we have no doubt, are excitedly talking about their many exploits over the past few days.  We really hope they had a wonderful trip – we certainly enjoyed accompanying them.

The children certainly slept well on Tuesday night having had a full day of activities on day 2 – they even needed to be woken up at 7am in time to get to breakfast!  Once breakfast had been consumed and bags packed, our final morning of action consisted of two sessions with the Mersea Camp instructors.  The first session enabled all children to complete their final activity from the rota they started on Monday afternoon.

After a quick break, we all headed to the ‘It’s A Knockout’ arena.  The whole Yr 6  group competed in four teams to complete challenges on inflatable platforms.  These ranged from races where they had to jump over bridges and crawl through tunnels to battles where they attempted to knock each other from balance podia.  They also contended with trying to run on the bouncy platform whilst being attached to it with a bungy cord.  Much fun was had by all and this was a fitting and hilarious end to our time at Mersea Camp.

After lunch, we made our way to our coaches and completed the short journey home.  After offloading the bags and suitcases from the coach (many thanks the the parents who helped us bring them all onto the school site), we happily reuinted the children with their families.  At the end of a fantastic few days, we hope this children had a trip they will remember for many years to come.